Zainab Edina

Pawtucket, RI ·

你好,我叫章可欣,我是大学四年级的学生,我实际算计科学的学生, In other words. Hello! My name is Zainab Edina, I am currently studying Computer Science on the Web Programming Track with a minor in Chinese. My first ever experience was during my senior year in high school where my teacher introduced me to how websites are built, it became the reason I decided I wanted to be a computer scientist. After a couple years of trying out different tracks of being a Computer Scientist, I went back to what brought me here in the first place, Web Development.You can probably find me with my beats on listening to music(Kpop)while I work on my goal of becoming a full Stack Web Developer.


Student Software Developer Intern, Algorithms and Software Division

Draper Laboratory
  • Enhancing web development expertise as an intern on the algorithms and software team; Working with front-end frameworks, including Javascript and PHP, for form submission and validation on an application for over 1800 users
  • Added project-needed functionality and performed review of available deployment tools for legacy application stack.
June 2019 - August 2019

Information Technology Team Leader

URI Information Technology Services
  • Assists in the web development of the URI College of Pharmacy/Nursing website using knowledge in HTML
  • Diagnose and perform basic troubleshooting steps of any user’s software related issues; Maintenance of all campus credentials such as E-campus, Sakai, WordPress, University Emails and Active Directory.
  • Assist all users’ campus directory requests via telephone or electronically; Supervised on information for consultant’s question or problems.
October 2016 - Present


University of Rhode ISland

Bachelor of Arts
Computer Science - Web Development Track
September 2016 - May 2021


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Using Git Repos Within A Team
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Model-View-Controller Pattern
  • Agile Development


I recently just got into web development after my internship in the summer of 2019, where I dabbled in front end works using Javascript and PHP. I am currently working on my NSBE chapter's website using Wordpress. I am currently learning more about web development through a course on Udemy and hope to finish it in the near future! I plan to start working on my own personal projects, which will help in learning more about the world of web development. My hope is to become a full stack web developer, I am confident in my frontend skills and hope to learn more about back end development! I do also plan to pursue my masters degree in Human Computer Interaction and obtain my certificate in Project Management in the near future.

When I am not looking at any type of code, I am usually seen listening to music, reading and with my friends! I am actually into many differnt genres of music, so if you ever want to talk about any groups, I am all ears!

Leadership Experience

Marketing Committee

  • Assisted in the planning and execution of the Annual Conference, Diversify Individuals Via Education
  • Assisted in the promotion of the Annual Conference, Diversify Individuals Via Education
  • Contributed knowledge in Wordpress Application and HTML, to update Conference Website
  • Conference Attendance: Over 100 attendees, 25 speakers, and 22 workshops.
September 2018 - March 2019


National Society of Black Engineers
  • Held the previous position as Senator 2016-2017, Programs Chair 2018-2019 and Telecommunications Chair 2019-2020
  • Worked with Executive Board for three years in recruitment of members for one of the largest organizations in the United States, helped members develop professional skills which will be used to acquire jobs in the industry.
  • Currently working with the Telecommunications committee in building a University of Rhode Island, National Society of Black Engineers, using a content management system, called Wordpress.
April 2019 - Present

Organization Liaison

Multicultural Unity and Student Involvement Council
  • Acted as a point of contact between 20+ multicultural Organizations on campus
  • Assisted in the planning and organization of events, for the multicultural organizations at the university
September 2018 - May 2019